Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Free Pussy Riot and other Feminisms (?)

Uhhmmmm.... So. HI.
I would normally start this post with an apology and an excuse for my absence but I don't have an excuse, I've just been lazy.
Anyway, I'm just gonna get straight into this article.
So Pussy Riot is a Russian feminist punky band, there are 11 members and in March earlier this year 3 members were arrested for 'hooliganism', I believe that 1 member got on on bail or something and the other two were later on sent to prison camps and remain there.
I should prolly tell you why I'm starting this post like this, well, it's because on Saturday i watched a documentary on the artist Marina Abramovic which followed her as she did a large art performance in MoMA for three months in which she sat on a chair for 7-8 hours everyday for three months, on top of this she is 60 AND she managed to complete the installment as well as induce onlookers to tears. The exhibition was titled 'The Artist is present', not only will she go down in art history for this but she also was visited by actors such as James Franco and Orlando Bloom an has done hundreds of other performance art peices including setting a giant star on the floor on fire and lying in the middle until she passed out from lack of oxygen (below) and walking across the great wall of China to meet her boyfriend half way, only for him to tell her he had been cheating on her for almost 8 years and was having a baby with the other woman. Hardcore, I know.

I must confess, that i'm not all that sure if Marina was a feminist, but for some reason whenever I saw her work I couldn't help but think of Pussy Riot and people with hairy armpits, so, yeah. I guess thats the whole point of this article or whatever you would call this post; WHY SHOULD GIRLS SHAVE THEIR ARMPITS IF GUYS DON'T? A while back on my facebook I posted this photo of Charlotte Free as my cover photo-

Only to be confronted by small minded girls and boys asking 'wtf?', 'She needs shave her armpits!'
BUT WHY? WHY SHOULD SHE SHAVE HER ARMPITS? I don't think I've ever seen a Male ask a girl why she's wearing a push-up bra, so why be so curious about hair under your arms? Personally I can never really be bothered to shave my armpits, I only do if I'm wearing something sleeveless and I want to look un-hairy, but sometimes I can't be bothered so I just embrace it. Like seriously, girls need to stop being so prehistoric in thinking that guys won't love you if you have hairy armpits or hairy anything elses, it's not very distracting, it's just like having hair on your head and if a boy doesn't like you for having hairy armpits/legs/youknowwhat (FANNY) then, well. FUCK IT FUCK HIM FUCK SEXISM. 

Here are some of my hairy armpited girls:

So I guess my challenge to you is to grow your armpit hair (hey, it keeps you warm and Xmas is like 35 days away) AND if you complete this challenge and send me a picture (you can inbox it me on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter ANYWHERE) then I promise to take a picture of me doing the same and i will make it my profile picture on facebook (not like it's a big deal anyway, just proof i'm not a hypocrite) 

Oh and uhmmm


Wednesday, 31 October 2012


So um this is going to be a really big post. I have it laid out like this to fit with the theme of halloween, okay?
So basically these are photos of things that remind me of halloween/this time of year and includes artwork by my favourite artist (hussar) fashion inspiration and some photos i took of me and my friend for my photography coursework, you can fully see these photos on my photography tumblr blog.

Apologies for the humongous post, but hopefully it makes up for my lack of posts on here recently!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Brooke Candy

Other than being absolutely obsessed with her new song 'DAS ME' I absolutely LOVE her style! you can watch the music video for 'DAS ME' below, and also watch her appearance in Grime's 'Genesis' music video below too.

Jeremy Scott VS Meadham Kirchhoff