Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Model's own makeup review!

So in December last year i discovered the makeup brand "MODELS OWN". I came across it at the Clothes Show live where they were doing this offer that if you spent up to 10 pounds you would get a free models own goodie bag with lots of models own make up in it, I bought three nail polishes and collected my goodie bag. 
I've not really used any of the makeup up till recently when I've found my self experimenting with different styles of fashion and I came upon Models own again in April when I was very glad to see they now had a little shelf in boots, on the shelf was so models own purple lipstick which i had to buy because I'd been looking for a purple lipstick forever.
So today i bought another Models own lipstick in "Baby pink" and figured I might as well do a review for all of the models own makeup I have to date!

The lipstick.
I have two models own lipsticks one in "Blackcurrant" and the other in "Baby Pink". Since I got my braces fitted 8 months ago I find that my lips become extremely chapped (click here if you have the same problem) so I would only recommend using this lipstick if your lips are in good condition. Other than that I would say that models own do the best range of lipsticks available with great colours at great prices! When i can't find a certain colour of lipstick anywhere I always look to models own!

The mascara.
models own "hi-definer lengthen and curl" does EXACTLY what it says on the packaging-defines, lengthens and curls! I use it on my bottom lashes as they are naturally longer than my top lashes (idky) and it gives you this doll eyed sort of look and doesn't go clumpy!

The lipgloss.
Out of my 3 models own lipglosses, my favourite has to be "glass" (top) as it goes with any outfit and you can put it over any lipstick to add shine! I'm not even kidding, light practically bounces of any models own lipgloss, it's so unbelievably shiny!

The Glitter eye pencils.
These are great for parties my favourite is the silver sequin one, as i use it to highlight the corners of my eyes to make it look like my eyes are wider!
The nail varnishes.
So far whenever I've worn my models own nail varnishes they haven't chipped and have lasted for up to 3 weeks. i don't have a favourite as I love them all so much, but if i HAD to choose one, it would be "mixed up" (far right) as it looks like a galaxy of some sort and even though it has bits of glitter in it it's so easy to remove!

So there you have it, all I can say about models own is that it's one of my favourite makeup brands and i will be investing in more!