Friday, 13 July 2012

Where's Apple?

I'm just going to take a quick moment to apologise for my absence over the past month. I've been so busy i literally haven't had ANY time to post AT ALL and i probably wont until like next week because thats when I officially break up for summer! :D
Anyway, I've had tons of coursework and have only just finished my final art piece and still need to finish my dress off for my textiles GCSE (pictures soon!)
I'm also making major plans for my t-shirt company (pictures soon) and planning on dying my hair as well as going on holiday for two weeks to new york and florida! I absolutely cannot wait! In the meantime though if you want to follow my tumblr click that hyperlink, I update it like everyday.
As the for the monthly mixtape I'm making a 'tracks' account because its easier so hopefully there will be a new mix on for you tonight as well as a catwalk friday edition! I have so many exciting plans and outfits for the holiday as well as working on my own little music (more of that later) but right now, food is the priority!