Saturday, 6 October 2012

Pastel, pastel, everywhere pastel

I know it's nearly winter but if you think real hard you'll notice that clothes and fashion stays the same, we just wear more layers in winter unless your a daft twerp who likes to gallop around in hotpants and stripper heels during december and then pass out face first in the snow on NYE and have to go to hospital. (No lie, that happened I saw the photo and everything) Anyway, my point is that I'm pretty sure that you'll agree that the pastel trend is here to stay and I've found these images on tumblr. It took me hours to get these few images because of all these "soft grunge" tumblrs and stuff. ENJOY

Don't ask about the mouth, I just liked it!

So I'm starting plans for the clothing line tomorrow and should probably get some sleep, sweet dreams and all that crap x