Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Futuristic designers #1: Boadicea Claridge and Alis Pelleschi!

Boadicea Claridge and Alis Pelleschi created MEAT at the start of 2012, which is a clothing label aimed at individuals, making garments purely out of rubber. Since then they have recently launched their debut collection "I LUV YOU" (video below)

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It is obvious that Boadicea and Alis are quite the creative team with Boadicea saying in an interview with "It's Bo+Alis 4eva!!" when Rough asked if they work well together.

With celebrities like Rita Ora wearing MEAT it's clear that Alis and Boadicea are onto something big!

Rita Ora wearing a MEAT dress and skirt

Some of My favourites from the "I LUV YOU" collection!

The masterminds behind MEAT Alis (top) and Boadicea (bottom)