Tuesday, 7 August 2012


So me and my family got back from a brief visit to Newcastle the other day and whilst we were there I got my mum to take some photos of my outfit which i wore to go shopping :)
apple elliott
I wore my new jacket (well, kind of new) I actually bought this denim jacket last eyar in primark for 2 pounds and i only got around to doing something with it afew weeks ago. I bleached it first and it went patchy, I then used Dylon to turn it pink and because of the patchiness it actually went pink with purple splotches on it (splotches? is that a legit word?) and then I studded the back of it with a few studs I bought at Affleck's palace.

So yeah, all in all the jacket's turned out better than i expected. Granted it hurts like hell when you lean back against something and there is a tiny chance of impaling yourself whilst wearing but fashion isn't painless.

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