Sunday, 2 September 2012

Hello fellow beings,

I'm kinda hoping you still remember who I am...
Yes, I've been away for quite some time now (forgive me! I was on holiday!) and when i came back I saw that there had been a rapid increase in the amounts of views this website has been getting! I'm also very pleased to tell you all that now I'm back from the States I can officially start my clothing line, and the website for it is currently under construction! I'm also starting work experience tomorrow and for the rest of this week, but I promise that in my final school year I will make time for this blog! As I've mentioned, i've been on holiday to New York and browsed all the american shops like Forever21 for example (which has now opened in the Trafford Centre In manchester?!) and bought loads of new outfits, meaning my LookBook is in bad need of an update! I'm trying to organise all my social media stuff like my facebook, tumblr, twitter and etc so i can make it all more accessible to you guys-I've allowed subscribers on my facebook! Have you noticed?!?! I'm looking to renovate this blog, my tumblr has finally been renovated too, I think I've finally settled on the current theme. Anyway, I should probably get ready for work experience tomorrow so I'll leave you with a taster of my clothing line and some Nirvana to listen to, Tomorrow, you will see a shiny new made-over blog and lots of new posts and *drum roll* gift art work! Ciao!