Sunday, 9 September 2012

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I'm such a liar. I haven't been on here in forever and I promised you guys i would, like, everyday! I haven't updated my theme or ANYTHING! sorry :(((
Anyway so basically this is my weekend in pictures and videos,
so i had work experience all week apart from the awkward encounter with the headmaster when i walked in the staff room during a huge meeting everything went well. I didn't really take any pictures of my outfits because they were all so boring and worky but heres a shirt I wore, if thats of any interest
excuse the face.

Anyway, so yeah it was good. then on the friday my bestfriend since I was like 4 came over for the weekend, we went shopping and took some photos and to a house party. Surprisingly i didn't reall buy anything for myself when we went out, i just got sarah's birthday presents for her and pink hair extensions for the Lady gaga concert I'm going to on tuesday but yeah. So I saved a little money which is always a good thing. 

So i teamed my galaxy dress with my leather artfit skirt and tucked it in, wore my lilac creepers, yin and yang necklace and h and m collar :) 

Sorry, but this is going to have to be a relatively short post, I'll add more later because my laptop is dying and i'm on the toilet ahahaha
byeeee x