Monday, 10 September 2012

Room decor ideas/moodboard

So, your bedroom is pretty much where you live, and it has to be fabulous, right?
Anyway I've had the idea of doing this post for quite a while since i recently decorated my room.

A work space is vital for my internet buddies lol

I read about these curiosity cabinets a while back, you basically shove all your crap in it and can get away with not tidying up.

Zac attack, literally. but yeah, I think everyone needs a shrine to someone famous, maybe not exactly like this one though... Mine is of Oli Sykes.

90's rooms aren't complete without one of these bitches.

So there it is, in my room i have one plain wall to take photos against, a shrine to my husband (oli), a wall of inspiration like clothes and idols and stuff, a workspace and a dresser. I'm not saying you have to follow by those rules, it's just an idea. All I'm saying is that your bedroom is your bedroom and noone should dictate on how you want to decorate it, no matter how stupid or unconventional it is because in my eyes you spend the first 16 years of your life in school and sometimes your bedroom is the nly place you can get away from it all. Soooo, yeah. 
Byeee x